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Amazing Technology That Was Predicted In Sci-Fi Movies

Image source For anyone that has even the slightest affiliation with this blog will know that we are slightly geeky (by which we mean a big bit geeky) with a real infatuation with all things sci-fi. The great thing is, while this used to be a little bit niche and weird, it is now part of the mainstream thanks to some seriously awesome Hollywood films (#Marvel). But what has made this sudden transition into the mainstream so awesome is the fact we can now have in-depth conversations on this subject, and we had one the other day that was totally intriguing. It was about which movies managed to predict the future accurately. Sure, they may not have delved into the technicalities too much, but the…
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Robots Are Creating A Healthcare Nerdvana

Contributed Post Image source The idea of robots with sophisticated artificial intelligence taking over the world has been one that Hollywood directors and sci-fi writers have enjoyed exploring for years. However, the fictional aspects of this concept have been what has driven the genre, until now. Sure, there are major concerns regarding machines replacing humans in the workforce, a lot of which has already begun to happen from supermarket cashiers to telemarketers. But that doesn’t mean there are no benefits because there are. There are millions of benefits, and none more so than in healthcare, where robotics is mindblowing for anyone with even a small twitch of geekiness in them. Unbelievable Precision Is Now Possible There are no two ways to put this; surgery is…
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Trans-frickin’-formers, more than meets the frickin’ eye. I said, TRANSFORMERS!

Most kids in the ’80s had a toy line that was their go-to, the one their parents kept buying for them because parents of the ’80s knew that real parenting involved buying toys. It may have been M.A.S.K. or Thundercats or Masters of the Universe, or if you were a girl Strawberry Shortcake or WWF Wrestling figures. In my case, it was Transformers (even though I liked GI Joe more). So when a friend brought a portion of his huge vintage Transformers collection over for a new episode of Hours in the Attic, I was in nostalgia heaven even as I wondered how he managed to land a wife and if he’d sell me that Soundwave and if my wife would leave me if I…
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