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Will I get a copy of the book next week?

A Year of Hitchcock

On April 28, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense, the book I co-authored with Jim McDevitt, comes out. I have not yet seen a copy of it (though apparently it has been in the hands of at least one reviewer). Will I get a copy of it next week, prior to publication? I do not know. I also ordered a copy from Amazon – yes, I ordered a copy of my own book. Wouldn’t you? I’d like to get my copy so I can stick it on the shelf and pretend it serves as some degree of closure or something. It’s been very hard to throw myself fully into new projects when there remain niggling little things to do on…
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My eye is bleeding

(Instead of reading this, you might want to look at pictures or listen to “music” instead.) My left eye is bleeding. Same spot, always. I’ve been dealing with this on and off for months. I think it’s eye strain. I spend too much time in front of a computer monitor. Thing is, how do I not spend time in front of a monitor? My job involves sitting in front of a monitor. Writing involves sitting in front of a monitor. These days, even creating music involves sitting in front of a monitor. Heck, a lot of my goofing off time involves sitting in front of a monitor! Maybe I need glasses. I was supposed to have them in high school, but decided not to get…
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The Laptopless Life

Sometimes I am a forgetful fool. Yesterday I was at my buddy Jim’s, where we began recording what will be a weekly podcast series covering ground similar to our book, A Year of Hitchcock (Scarecrow Press, 2009). It was a fun project to dive into. While I’ve done radio before (doing the “color commentary” for a local station’s Election Day coverage, that sort of thing), I had never done podcasting. They’re similar, but not quite the same. Anyway, I the laptop and some recording equipment up to his place, we yammered for a while about Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, had lunch with the wildly talented Chris Knight (who we tried to convince to be a guest on a future show), then I went home. AND LEFT…
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A Quickee Linkee

So someone pointed out to me that a blogger called Comicsgirl has linked to my Sandman series. She’s got a nice comics-centric blog. Check it out. Thanks for the kind words, CG, here’s a link right back atcha. Neil Gaiman has linked to the series three times on his journal, so I expect lots of Sandman fans have been reading. That’s rather gratifying, but also entirely unexpected, seeing as I began writing it just to entertain myself. It looks like one of my quotes is being used in the marketing materials for some Avatar: The Last Airbender DVDs. That’s pretty cool. I guess I ought to go find the latest DVDs and see if it’s on the packaging, too. Over at TOR.com, website of one…
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Tellin’ Stories

Writing about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman the last few weeks has reminded me of how envious I am of him. Not in a BAD way, mind you. Rather, in the way that makes you more eager than ever to bust your ass and create things until the world sits up, takes notice, and says, “Okay, good. You can live your life doing this full time.” Here’s a guy who was allowed to create something that afforded him the ability to write pretty much any kind of story he wanted to write. Horror. Fantasy. Adventure. Mythology. Romance and historical and crime and drama and a hundred other things. This when he first broke into comics. When he was a totally unknown quantity. And he took it, and…
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