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Hey NJ people, Geek Wisdom event on Friday

Geek Wisdom

Stephen Segal, editor and coauthor of Geek Wisdom, and I will be at The Raconteur in Metuchen on Friday from 8 to 11 p.m. We’ll be discussing geekery, reading from the book, and juggling flaming hamsters. It will be a sight to see. The Raconteur is located at 431 Main Street in Metuchen, NJ. You can check out the event on Facebook. We’d love to see you there. Unless you’re a stalker or otherwise disturbed person who wants to skin us and wear our flesh, in which case the event has been moved to The Book Rodeo in Camden, NJ. See you there, crazy flesh-wearing person!

Geek Wisdom is out TODAY

This may not be the day when imposing alien spacecraft park themselves over every major city on Earth and bend the human race to its will, but it’s pretty close. Geek Wisdom is officially released today. Tremble in fear at the awesome geekery that will now become part of your life. Bask in its eternal glory. In all seriousness, I like this book and was honored to be one of the coauthors. Our great editor and coauthor, Stephen Segal, put together a fantastic team. I’m humbled to be part of it. I can confirm from my copies that it looks spectacular. It’s a spiffy hardcover with a great design and, of course, killer contents. I’m astounded Quirk Books were able to bring it out at…
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A little treat in the mail yesterday …

I came home from work yesterday to find a package at my door. A box. A wonderful little box. I peeled it open, as you do with boxes — a box can be labeled “Your Death Within” and you’d still open it; so would I — and found inside a treat. A wonderful little treat. It was this: Yes, that is Geek Wisdom, brainchild of award-winning editor Stephen Segal and a book to which I am proud to say I contributed. I and a team of other writers wrote some really great geek stuff, brief essays on video games and J.R.R. Tolkien and Star Wars and The Goonies and a million other great things — and now here it is! In a cool as hell…
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Stuff Every Husband Should Know reviews are in

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

While I enjoy receiving feedback on my work, both good and bad — criticism can be helpful — I don’t generally make it a point to seek out reviews. However, some reviews of Stuff Every Husband Should Know have been sent my way, so I thought I’d share them. Phillyburbs.com called it a “must-have guide” featuring “priceless practical wisdom that all wives hope their husbands possess.” Mom Central called it “the rulebook to the game that husbands have been playing for thousands of years.” A husband and wife duo from the Ledger-Enquirer bickered (playfully) over some of the tips in one chapter. And a quirky blogger said the book is “the perfect gift for the man new to wed or this upcoming Fathers Day.” My…
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My new book, STUFF EVERY HUSBAND SHOULD KNOW, is out today

I’ve blogged on and off about the project I tackled last spring, and am pleased to announce that my second book, Stuff Every Husband Should Know (Quirk Books 2011), is out in stores TODAY. Hooray! “Husband” is a fun, pocket-sized book that will make a great gift. It’s filled with all sorts of great stuff my wife wishes I actually did. 🙂 The book is available at Amazon (including a Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble (including a Nook edition), Target, Borders, Booksamillion, and fine bookstores and gift shops everywhere. Hey reddit!