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Some books by friends

You folks should check out some of these books. They’re self-published by folks I know, but knowing these folks isn’t the point. I wouldn’t be plugging them if they sucked. They don’t suck. These are interesting, unusual, and memorable books worth checking out. Brian Spaeth is a visionary and probably also a lunatic. I would not let him date my daughter, but I would let him give a speech at my funeral. He has some books. The Christmas Bridge – “It’s a timeless excitement fable and that means maybe lessons, and explosions, and emotions, and etc.” LOL, WUT? In The Christmas Bridge, Christmas is outlawed. So, “When charismatic life drifter JESI BURNS and one-time actoring icon NICK KEEGE are tasked by Santa Claus himself to…
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BOK! Check out my friend’s music

A while back I posted about an old music collaboration with my buddy Tim. Now here’s more from Tim. And it’s great. Tim is neck deep in a fantastic music project right now, and it’s pretty damn amazing. The best stuff he’s ever done, actually, and he’s done a LOT of music over the years. It’s called Bok, it’s catchy and dynamic and dancy and trippy and more, you can find the website over here, and you really should go download some of those in-progress tunes. Follow Bok on Facebook, too, while you’re at it. It’s good stuff and I’m eager to hear the finished album.

A truly shameless blog post

A Year of Hitchcock

I’ll never claim to not be shameless when I need to be. So I will now be shameless. Behold! My book, co-authored with Jim McDevitt, was released in April. If you have yet to get a copy, do take a look. If you have yet to tell a friend about it, please do so. If you have a film lover in your family or circle of friends, please consider it as a Christmas present. You can get it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers. Your support is appreciated. While you’re at it, please look at our podcast of the same name. If you have not subscribed (it’s free), please do so. If you have not told your friends about it, please do…
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