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5 Reasons Why Plastic Tags Are the Most Overlooked Marketing Tool

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/03/03/13/57/key-2114047_960_720.jpg The human brain has adapted pretty well to ignore even the most alluring advertisements. The sheer number of banners, billboards, and targeted online ads have trained people to overlook in-your-face adverts. It has almost become a muscle memory. We almost automatically hit the ‘X’ button whenever we are greeted by pop-ads on the internet. It’s so common that they actually have a name for it. It’s called banner blindness. These are trying times for marketing experts as they are struggling to get their audiences to pay attention. As it turns out, few of the more old-school ways of promoting businesses still pack a hefty punch. One of them is plastic key tags. In this post, we explore few of the reasons why we believe…
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