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A Simple Plant Disease Prevention Guide

Contributed Post Photo Credit One of the saddest things that can happen is your garden is that your plants suddenly and unexpectedly suffer from some sort of disease. You may end up wondering if all your plants are going to suffer the same fate and how you can get rid of it as quickly as possible. Well, as the old saying goes ‘prevention is far better than the cure. With this in mind, in this blog post, we are going to provide you with a few helpful pieces of advice to keep your garden looking at its best. hh Examine Plants Before Purchase It may seem obvious, but the best way that you can limit the amount of disease that spreads into your garden is…
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Turning Your Garden Minimalist

Contributed Post Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect garden is. Some may think that to be perfect a garden must be a place for children to be able to enjoy themselves freely. Some may think that a garden has to be aesthetically pleasing to be perfect. And some consider the perfect garden to be a place where vegetables can grow. Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect garden is, so it’s okay if yours doesn’t look the same as your neighbour’s. And if your idea of the perfect garden is a minimalist one, then that’s okay too. In fact, if this is the case then make sure to read on for advice on how best to achieve the minimalist look…
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