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Character sketches from upcoming comic anthology

Last time I showed you some pencils from a story slated for my upcoming comic anthology. This time, some character sketches. These are concept sketches for a story co-created with Robert Clayton Cooke called “The Slugs Are All Right”. It’s a story about … well, I think the sketches give you an idea of where we’re going with this: This one is sure to be good, bizarre fun. Plans are for the anthology — a dozen stories in all by a dozen different artists, all written by yours truly — to be available for purchase this summer.

I said work in progress …

In my last anthology post I mentioned that the art you were seeing is a work in progress. But hey, no need to take my word for it. Here’s what arrived in my inbox just 24 hours after posted those past sample pages: The grayscale looks great, doesn’t it? Brings a nice sense of depth to the page. This anthology, featuring 12 stories I’ve written by 12 different artists, will be available this summer.

More anthology previews

Here is some more preview art from the upcoming comic anthology I’m writing. More preview art is available here. These excellent pencils were done by James Pipik for a 16-page story called “The End of all Summers“. NOTE: Click the images for a full-sized version. We’re finalizing some script details, and Jim is inking and lettering the pages. An example of what the semi-finished product might look like is below. That’s the first page of the story (minus title box). The artist is experimenting with greytones and such and there are still minor adjustments to make with the artwork, so even this remains a work in progress, but I think it hives you a sense of what this will look like. I think I speak…
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