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Eric writes comics! Anthology preview 1 of 10

Pitched Vol 1

My upcoming comic anthology is less than a week away from being sent to the printer, so there is no better time than now to give you an array of awesome previews. Nine stories written by yours truly, nine artists, ten contributors in all. I’ll preview them all over the next several days. It should be awesome. First, a sneak peek at the cover. This is not final, but it’s damn close to what the final cover will look like. And yes, we have an introduction by that Erik Larsen, he of Savage Dragon and Image Comics fame. Thanks, Erik! CLICK HERE for a larger version! More to come!

Anthology in its final stages

I’m exceedingly happy to report that my upcoming comic anthology is in its final stages. Finished art is coming in every day. Only one script left to finalize. Some pages are being sent off to my pal John Mietus (creator of the awesome Sir Chuck) for lettering. Stories are looking done and complete and excellent. In the damn near immediate future, this 100-page beast — nine stories in all by nine different artists, all nine written by yours truly — will be shipped off to the printer. I’ll get some proofs. And if it looks good, it will then be made ready for purchase. One last major preview coming up in the next week or so, this time with lots of awesome finished art, then…
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Check out this artwork while I relax

Been a bit busy lately with this, that, and the other thing, so I’ve had to set aside my little distraction of a blog for a while. Keeping up with family and work and writing projects and podcasts is a killer … and now that summer is here, well, a man needs his relaxing time in the backyard, damnit. What’s the sense of a backyard if you never use it? So while I continue to chug through my projects (now 10 chapters into my dystopian science fiction novel), have another preview of my upcoming comic anthology. Artist Rich Hannah adapted a short story I wrote called “The Last Shot”. This is a sneak peek. My part will be adapting my own story, rewriting it for…
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Whence Comes, Liberty!

Artist Marcus Kelligrew is providing some exciting art for a traditional superhero story set to appear in my upcoming comic anthology. He’s got such a dynamic style, reminiscent of the action-packed Marvel comics of the 1970s, that I just had to do a story with him. The result was “Whence Comes, Liberty!”, a superhero origin story. We’ve got American soldiers getting amazing powers, cyborg nazis, and loads of action. Below are two panels from the story. They’re not yet inked. When they do, expect them to explode off the page even more than they already do. The anthology remains on target for a mid-summer release.

“Shackles” – an anthology preview

The following is a rough layout for a story in my upcoming comic anthology. The story is called “Shackles” and it is set in London circa 1778. The art is incomplete, obviously, but gives you a sense for what we’re doing. Click here for a version large enough to read. We took an interesting approach on this one. I penned a conversation and provided the text to independent comic creator and musician Stanley Lieber, creator of Massive Fictions, among others. (Some of you might recall that I remixed some of his music.) No stage direction, no art direction, just some text based on a talk he and I had about the situation and themes we’d be dealing with. Stanley then took that conversation and gave…
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