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Some new photos for your enjoyment

For those so inclined, I added a second page of photos to my personal website. (Note from 2016: I’ve since removed this section from the site.) There you can see nifty pictures like this: I’m not a photographer, but taking pictures is fun, so I do it. Sometimes they even turn out okay. Previous blog posts of photos I’ve taken are here, here, and here. All can be found on the photography section of my website. (2016 update: That section of the website no longers exists; I removed it.)

Taking a stab at comic art

And cheating at it along the way. I drew all throughout my childhood, a sheet of not-to-be-blank-for-long paper perpetually in front of me and a pencil feverishly scritching away drawing maps, wars, and terrible comics. It probably wasn’t until the eighth grade and Jason Dixon, talented sonofabitch that he was, that I realized I couldn’t actually draw. Didn’t stop me from doing loads of really awful comics in high school, though. A few friends would make up our own goofy superhero comics and pass them out to one another. Mine tended to be tongue-in-cheek “homages” to popular characters, such as Clawman, who broke the fourth wall and acknowledged he was a Wolverine ripoff, or Buttman and Rectum, who … well, the less said about them,…
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Ian hints at the creative process

A few days back I teased an image by artist and photographer Ian Sokoliwski. It’s a great image, created as part of a text and visual narrative we’re developing. He recently said of the project: Combining these photos with an actual narrative got me thinking in a different way, and I really like the results. You can check out Ian’s comments on his blog.

Yet more photos by Eric

Following up my first two photography posts (this one and this one), here are a few more photos I snapped during various misadventures. I don’t fancy myself a photographer (though I have at times been paid to do it in the course of doing my day job), just another schmuck who likes taking pictures. I took this one at the Met in New York City. Obviously I can’t take credit for the beautiful piece of art. I ended up using the photo on a record cover. This one was taken … I don’t remember, actually. I think at a Little League game. This, too, I used on a record cover. And this was taken at Cattus Island Park in Toms River, NJ, a gorgeous waterfront…
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Photos Eric Took, aka Photography Post

Earlier in the year I shared some photos I took, ’cause that’s what blogs are for, right? If only because I’m kind of itchy to spend some time outdoors and take some more photos, especially now that the weather as cooled, I thought I’d share a few more. Click the images for much larger versions. This was taken in Treasure Island, Florida: This next one was taken at a Lakewood BlueClaws game. I’ve tried to give it obnoxious, arty names like “Man in field” and such, and then laughed at my stupid idea. And finally, “Waiting,” at Tampa International. So there you go. A few pictures. Seeing the excellent work of my extremely talented friend Keith Betterley makes me feel foolish posting these, but whatever….
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