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I am a terrible painter

This summer I’ve returned to something I discovered last summer. Something that had me relaxed in a way few things get me relaxed. Painting. Some brushes, a bit o’ canvas, a cold drink, and music while sitting outdoors in the sun, looking over the water and getting lost whipping that brush back and forth. It’s very, very easy to wind away an entire afternoon like that. The problem is that I’m awful. Just downright awful. Like, reallyreallyreally awful. And you know? I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that because I’m not doing it for any reason other than to relax. And there sure are far worse ways to relax. So painting is what I’ll do.

The Joy of Painting

My new hobby is painting. I’m not very good at it. That doesn’t matter, though. It’s calming. Relaxing. Therapeutic. And so talent be damned, I sit out back with brush in hand, some music on, a drink nearby, and I paint. Most of my August weekends were spent painting, and damn was it a great way to wind down and get my head cleared. So I thought I’d share the few pieces I’ve done. After all, aren’t self-indulgent, “hey everybody, look at me!” posts exactly what a blog is for? This is “Florida Sunset,” and you might recognize this photo as the inspiration. It’s a bit sloppy. Intentionally so; I wasn’t trying to capture detail, just impressions. I thought I’d try to paint an object…
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In between projects … and glad

It has now been several weeks since I have been neck deep in a major project. And I’m glad for that. Sometimes I let myself get swamped in an effort to alleviate my perpetual boredom. All those writing projects I posted about a few months ago are on temporary hiatus as I get my head cleared. The comic anthology is finished and should be ready for order any day now, so that’s off my plate. I’m not seriously working on any music projects right now (though I have some potential releases in the queue). Yes, the Year of Hitchcock podcast chugs along, but that’s an obligation from which I cannot escape at the moment. Otherwise, though, I’ve set everything aside for some family, relaxation, and…
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