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Rotator Cuff, the forgotten little band only I loved

I need to take a little trip back into Music Nostalgiaville for a moment. Not for any reason, just because. I’m going to do it with a cut from a band called Rotator Cuff. (If you want to skip the story and go right to the music, go below.) This band was completely local, so I acknowledge this is ’90s nostalgia for no one but me. It’s not even all that nostalgic for people in my area. This song got a decent amount of airplay on WHTG 106.3, which back in the day was one of the most important college rock stations in the northeast. Matt Pinfield of 120 Minutes was an alt rock icon locally thanks to his time there, and that’s where I (sort…
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Sandy from the Jersey Shore island perspective

I’ve already mentioned that I am writing about Hurricane Sandy from my perspective. Swell, I suppose, but more important than that is trying to tell the story of other people who lived through the storm. My Sandy story, after all, is pretty tame compared to what many went through. And it really is. Yes, the Hurricane Sandy videos I posted seem kinda neat if you didn’t live through it, but that’s all they were. Kinda neat. Prior to the videos the water was two feet HIGHER. It sounds kind of nuts, and yes, the night of the storm was WILD, but we still survived. We lived. We moved on. But what do you do when you CAN’T simply move on? What do you do when…
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Bigfoot in New Jersey?

It goes without saying that I have an interest in the New Jersey lore and history. You don’t tackle a book like Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps & Barons without a strong interest in what goes on off the beaten path here in the Garden State. I especially like the odd, offbeat stuff you’ll find in legendary local magazines like Weird NJ or in regional classics like The Jersey Devil (a book I’ve probably read four times). Folks outside the state only seem to know the stretch between New York and Newark airport, but those of us in the state know New Jersey has a healthy dose of weirdness. Which brings me to Bigfoot in the New Jersey ‘Burbs, a new book by William Taylor that delves…
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