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You’ve been waiting. And the wait is over. PITCHED 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE! And even better, I’m proud to announce that all profits will go to the Hero Initiative! BUY IT NOW!!! via LULU via INDYPLANET (Ka-Blam.com) (2016 update: no longer available here) via COMICSMONKEY! (Ka-Blam.com) (2016 update: no longer available here) (I recommend purchasing through IndyPlanet, but all of the folks above will treat you well.)

Pitched! Vol. 1 is now available via Lulu.com

If you were interested in that little comics anthology I wrote last year (with the help of a slew of talented artists) but still hadn’t gotten around to getting a copy, good news. It’s now available via lulu.com. I’ve gotten my copy and can vouch for its quality. Nice, glossy cover, strong binding, and decent paper quality. I’ll be up front: happy as I was with the quality of the work ComiXpress did (and I was), I got some complaints about slow order fulfillment. Excellent quality on the product, but it’s true. A few orders were slow to be fulfilled. The Lulu version takes a slight slight (slight!) hit on paper quality, but trades it for a glossy cover, printed spine, and very fast delivery….
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Pitched 2: So close, yet so far away

Pitched Vol 2

It’s the final few loose ends of a major project that are the most frustrating, not because they’re particularly difficult or troublesome, but because the finish line is right freakin’ there, just out of your reach, teasing you like the chicken nugget that slips from of your grasp and under the passenger side seat. I’m talking about Pitched! 2: Seven More Stories, which is the follow-up to my self-published comic anthology of 2009, Pitched!: Nine Stories. It is, I hope, an eclectic and entertaining batch of stories made 100 percent better by a talented bunch of artists and collaborators. The good news is, I’ll be sending the final pages to our printer in the super duper immediate future. The bad news is that it will…
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Comic anthology Vol. 2 is underway

Pitched Vol 1

So you might remember that I wrote a comic anthology, which I self-published last year and which you can buy here (hint, hint). Well, I’m pleased to say that work is progressing on a second anthology of comic stories, some with new artists and some with folks you saw in the first volume. The stories will be all-new (save for one that will include some familiar faces), and will once again span multiple genres. We’ll have Buck Rogers-influenced space opera, Gothic horror in the spirit of classic EC Comics, a Lovecraftian morality play, and a crime story, among others. I am looking for at least one more artist, though, someone who can do a smooth cartoony style for a tongue-in-cheek Frank Miller pastiche. Someone who…
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