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5 Skills Successful Music Producers Have

Music is easier to produce now than it has ever been. Thanks to computers, there’s no need to buy pricey hardware to create great songs. Despite the barrier to entry being low though, there are five skills that successful producers have that set them apart from others. Read on find out what these skills are. Hunger to Learn More There’s a well-known saying which goes “the more you know, the more you have to learn.” Successful producers know that there’s always room for growth and improvement and it must be self-motivated. Once you’ve spent a respectable amount of time as a musician, it’s easy to start believing that you know all you need to know. That type of thinking is likely to lead you to…
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How to Choose the Best Home Studio Monitors

Your studio monitors are an often overlooked but absolutely critical part of your home studio setup. They play an integral role in ensuring your recording, mixing, and mastering all sound as good as possible. And whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, it goes without saying that you want the music you produce to sound as good as it possibly can. Choosing the best studio monitors can be a little tricky – they are not one-size-fits-all pieces of equipment suitable for any space or user – but by following the below tips you can make a choice that will benefit your work for years to come. What is the Cost? This should probably seem obvious, but your budget is going to play a big role…
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