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It’s not music, it’s Memorex

I used to work a really boring job juggling numbers. This has nothing to do with that. A few years ago, during a strangely relaxed period of my life, I sat down at night and thought peaceful thoughts while strumming blurry, hazy guitar drones. I recorded them. They turned into another m2 album, which for inexplicable reasons I sat on for several years. Well, now it’s here. Cue up. Listen. Relax.   m2 Comfortable Clarity (2015) 1) To The Coast (7:56) 2) Picked My Fingers Clean Off (4:21) 3) Comfortable Clarity (11:51) 4) The Pickings (3:25) 5) This Florida Bullshit (4:58) 6) Hungover (3:53) 7) This is a Social Song (7:07) NOTES – Recorded in pieces two years ago or more. Sat in a vault…
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Music by Eric – “eight times alone”

How about an airy wall of sound to soothe the savage soul? I’ve previously posted albums from my m2 project, which is walls-of-sound music I record at home. So I figured why not roll it back to 2007 for the second m2 record, eight times alone? It’s hard to believe I recorded it eight years ago. Actually, released it eight years ago. Some tracks were recorded a decade ago. Still can’t wrap my head around that. I like this one. Some wacky sci-fi authors even use it as writing music. If you’re into this sort of thing, maybe you will, too. Songs are all available for download at the links below: 1) Preparing A Resume (6:43) 2) Creative Endeavors Abandoned (10:32) 3) Tea Leaves (4:55)…
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Some new ambient music for your listening pleasure

I like recording music. I also like recording layered guitar soundscapes, relaxing washes of sound, ambient drones, and blistering walls of noise created with my guitar. I record these for my own pleasure. I also like putting them online for those interested in zoning out to music like this. I often post them to my other blog, Tones, Drones & Moans, and also to the music page on my website. The latest is “Falling Back Into It,” a double album of meandering guitar soundscapes recorded in fits and starts over the last two years. You can download it track-by-track below. Enjoy.   m2 Falling Back Into It DISC ONE 1) Spinning Lecterns (2:32) 2) Womb Encasement (16:50) 3) Election (6:44) 4) Paint Brushes (7:42) 5)…
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A new record of ambiance for your sleeping pleasure

If you follow my music blog/archive you may have already seen this, but if not, here is an experiment in sleepy, late-night music I recorded a few months ago but have only just gotten around to tossing out there for people to hear. This album is guitar-free and vocal-free. It’s a sparse record of simple piano, canyon echo drums, cavern bass, and other sounds. Very slow. Methodical. Lots of empty space on this one. Put it on late at night and fall asleep, or early in the morning before you’re ready for music or talk radio. The tracks all flow into one another, so it presents itself as one long piece. (song titles are download links) Tape Theory Day of Turmoil, Night of Regret 1)…
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MUSIC: Some new drones & tones by Eric

Last week I wrapped up my latest collection of guitar soundscapes, tones and drones. Part of my m2 project, these are long instrumental pieces made up entirely of droning guitar sounds. Sometimes they’re soothing, sometimes they’re abrasive. It’s not for everyone. I’ll be adding it to my music archive blog soon, but for those who enjoy this sort of thing you can give these swirls of sound a listen here. Thanks for listening. m2 The Endless Twelve 1) Sunday Bliss Can’t Lift, Can Only Pretend (7:05) 2) Falling Back Into It (10:38) 3) Etched On Me Is A Waiting Demon (7:38) 4) The Endless Twelve (24:54) 5) Sobriety (5:02)