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Facing Your Debts in 2018

Debt is a big scary word. Because it’s a big scary word, we avoid it. We put it off, we leave the bank statements and letters unopened, and we avoid our money worries. Then, our debts get worse, they grow and develop and suddenly what was once a small, manageable debt is a giant mountain that we can’t see how we’ll ever manage to pay off. But, it’s important that you do. With huge debts, you’ll struggle to improve your credit rating; you won’t be able to take out a large loan if ever you need one, perhaps for a mortgage. And, you’ll be paying huge amounts of money out every month, on essentially nothing. Money that you earn won’t really be yours, and you…
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You Can Make Money Out Of Selling… Money?

Image Source Money is the token that we use to buy and sell things with. But some people are getting rich from selling money itself. How? There are a few different ways of doing this, all of which can be profitable forms of investment. Here are some of the most common ways in which people are using money as inventory. Invest in foreign currency This is the most common way in which people enter the money trade. Currency rates are always fluctuating. By buying a foreign currency that is on the rise, waiting until it is worth more and then converting it back, you can make a lot of money out of a little money. This is a gamble as it requires knowing which currencies…
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Authors don’t make a lot of money

People have the impression that writing a book = making money. That by writing a book you’ll suddenly be rolling in dough. Advances! Royalties! Cash! But it just doesn’t work like that. Not only is this an absurd notion for a little book like mine — I’ll be happy if it covers the expenses we incurred while writing it — it doesn’t even hold true for New York Times bestsellers, as author Lynn Viehl outlines in this blog post. Her bottom line is simple: Despite a $50,000 advance, selling about 73,000 copies and hitting #19 on the New York Times bestsellers list, you’d make more money stocking shelves at the local supermarket than she did on book sales for this book. It’s important to know…
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