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Neil Cavuto does not understand Captain America, or America

It’s perhaps unsurprising when a Fox news host misunderstands something simply because it wears red, white, and blue. Last night, Fox News host Neil Cavuto and guests said Wonder Woman had been rendered unpatriotic because her costume in the new movie is red, gold and blue rather than red, white and blue, and that there was “very little reference to America at all” in the movie. Nevermind that Wonder Woman is an Amazonian, not an American — finally, a birth certificate controversy with real meat on its bones! But what struck me were their passing comments about Captain America, long one of my favorite Marvel heroes and a character launched into new levels of amazing thanks to both the work of Ed Brubaker and the…
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Marvel’s villain problem (and why it may not be a problem at all)

It’s hard to complain about Marvel’s cinematic efforts. Since coming out of the gate with 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel has been firing on all cylinders in a way few studios ever do. Their best films are fantastic (cough Winter Soldier cough), and even their worst still manage to be decent popcorn entertainment. (Seriously, if The Dark World is the worst a studio has to offer, they are doing something right.) After a shaky start even their network TV offering, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has finally come into its own, and their Netflix shows are uniformly superb to the point of making me wet myself with anticipation every time a new one is announced. Basically, Marvel has been making me feel like a 12-year-old fan again, eager…
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