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Check out the gorgeous cyberpunk art of Ian Sokoliwski, with a soundtrack by yours truly

I love the art and photography of Ian Sokoliwski. His sense for color, staging, and composition is outstanding, and his cyberpunk, gothic and steampunk art brings new worlds to life. I was honored to work with him on a story in Pitched 2, and just as thrilled when he asked if some of my music could accompany montages of his work. I happily said yes. Take a look at his killer artwork, accompanied by “Without Waking” and “Spinning Lecterns,” both from my m2 project:    

It’s not music, it’s Memorex

I used to work a really boring job juggling numbers. This has nothing to do with that. A few years ago, during a strangely relaxed period of my life, I sat down at night and thought peaceful thoughts while strumming blurry, hazy guitar drones. I recorded them. They turned into another m2 album, which for inexplicable reasons I sat on for several years. Well, now it’s here. Cue up. Listen. Relax.   m2 Comfortable Clarity (2015) 1) To The Coast (7:56) 2) Picked My Fingers Clean Off (4:21) 3) Comfortable Clarity (11:51) 4) The Pickings (3:25) 5) This Florida Bullshit (4:58) 6) Hungover (3:53) 7) This is a Social Song (7:07) NOTES – Recorded in pieces two years ago or more. Sat in a vault…
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Music by Eric – “eight times alone”

How about an airy wall of sound to soothe the savage soul? I’ve previously posted albums from my m2 project, which is walls-of-sound music I record at home. So I figured why not roll it back to 2007 for the second m2 record, eight times alone? It’s hard to believe I recorded it eight years ago. Actually, released it eight years ago. Some tracks were recorded a decade ago. Still can’t wrap my head around that. I like this one. Some wacky sci-fi authors even use it as writing music. If you’re into this sort of thing, maybe you will, too. Songs are all available for download at the links below: 1) Preparing A Resume (6:43) 2) Creative Endeavors Abandoned (10:32) 3) Tea Leaves (4:55)…
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m2 – we finally made it (2014)

I have a big backlog of music right now. Just haven’t had the time or inspiration or whatever to “release” it. Not because I don’t feel like it’s worthy. Hell, I’ve been dying to get some of this out there! I’ve just had stuff going on. Managed to muster up the energy for one here, though. This one is unofficially dedicated to my buddy Cary, a great writer you haven’t heard of yet but will soon enough. Recorded this by accident, listened, liked, refined, and the end result is the longest single piece I’ve ever done. For me, at least, it’s a little bit of audio bliss. Enjoy.   m2 we finally made it 1) We Finally Made It (109:29) all songs (c) Eric San…
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I have recorded 15 years of noisy, droning, m2 music

For 15 years, I have recorded noisy, droning music under the name m2. Okay, it’s actually been longer than that. Recording music of this sort long pre-dated the m2 project. It even pre-dated owning a four-track recorder. I used to own one of those old twin-deck cassette stereos with a turntable on top. One day I discovered that if you plugged headphones into the mic jack and dubbed a tape from one deck to the other, you could kinda sorta play with the tape and have it record layers on top of one another. It was messy and ugly, but it worked. You could layer music. So I promptly took a cassette I had — I remember what it was, too; a dub of R.E.M….
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