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Why I chose to self-publish

When I decided to take Lakehurst: Barrens, Blimps & Barons and publish it on my own, I did not take the decision lightly. After all, I had been on a modest roll, with three traditionally published books I authored or coauthored hitting shelves in three years. Advocates of self-publishing are often driven by a “screw the man! Don’t let corporations decide what deserves to be published!” attitude, which is in and of itself not a bad thing … they just forget to tell you how much work self-publishing is, and shrug away any explanation of what traditional publishers do for authors. I’ve been happy with traditional publishers. My first three books — Stuff Every Husband Should Know, and coauthor on A Year of Hitchcock and…
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Putting together a short story collection

Well, sort of putting together a short story collection. It’s just going to be for me and a few select people, you see. But I’ll still be excited to have this stuff in a nice printed package, even if only to put the stories behind me and get cracking on new work. See, it’s like this. I’ve dabbled a small bit in short stories over the last 10 years. Not as much as I’d like — there will be about 15 stories included in this collection, give or take — but enough to have amassed a good little stack of them. Some have been accepted for publication. Most have not. One was adapted into a comic. Most I’ve just been sitting on. But in 2010,…
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