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8 things they don’t tell you about freelancing

When I decided to abandon the world of 9-5 and finally try my hand at living life as a Full-Time Writer™, I was taking a calculated risk. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew money would be tight for at least a year (my planned time to test the experiment). I knew it would take a lot of work to keep myself on task. But I did my research. Crunched the numbers, outlined my plans, set up some safety nets, crossed my fingers and made a wish to the magic wish fairy, and took my pants off as soon as humanly possible. In other words, I did it without the total recklessness that so often defines my major life decisions. Yet there are a…
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These are the 5 Best Christmas Songs. Deal with it

Look, if we’re honest with ourselves, Christmas songs kind of suck. “White Christmas” is an exception because it has one of the greatest melodies ever written — that’s an objective FACT — but otherwise?Christmas music is awful, awful, awful. There are exceptions, though, and I’ve identified the five best, because I am awesome. Not as awesome as these Christmas songs, but it’s pretty damn close. 6) U2 – Christmas, (Baby Please Come Home) Hah! You thought this list was going to be “edgy,” right? This one throws that assumption right out the window (though admittedly, it’s a red herring).. Sure, it’s the most traditional one here, but whatevs, yo! Bono’s grating earnestness is PERFECT here. Their rendition is joyous and fun and wholesome, yet has…
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The 5 Most Powerful Geeks of All Time

Let’s jump back a few years. Shortly after the release of Geek Wisdom, a book I was honored to contribute to, I was contacted by Men’s Health magazine to write a piece about the most powerful geeks of all time. It sounded like a fun assignment. I wrote the piece. It was supposedly filled with “awesome stuff” and “everyone at the office [loved]” it, according to the editor who contacted me. But they never used it, and I never heard from that editor again. Rather than let it languish on a memory stick, I figured I’d yank it from the archives and post it here. So here you go: The 5 Most Powerful Geeks of All Time Geeks. Hear the word and the usual stereotypes spring to…
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