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Don’t Let Other People Drag You Down

Image Source It’s probably true that you want to take the best possible care of yourself. Surely it only makes sense that, since we only get one body, that every single person would want to take as much care of their health as possible. Sadly this isn’t the case. As strange as it might sound, but there are a lot of people out there who simply aren’t that interested in keeping themselves healthy. It’s probably not something that they’re doing intentionally, a lot of the time people’s unhealthy lifestyles and behaviours come from a lack of awareness of the impact it’s having on their body. It’s a shame that it’s happening but if that’s what they want to do then you can’t really stop them,…
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Trying to unplug in a plugged-in world, day one

On January 1, I decided to unplug from social media for January (aside from the social media work I do). No more checking in on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. Just use the Internet as a tool rather than as a distraction. On the first day, I put together a rough mix for a lengthy music recording session I did over the holidays that may or may not turn into an m2 project, cobbled together rough but quite serviceable fan “movies” pieced together from Star Wars Rebels episodes, among other odds and ends. And obviously, I worked that whole time as well. It wasn’t groundbreaking stuff, but it was exactly what I had been missing: a chance to just sit down and be creative…
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