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5 Common Lawn Care Mistakes You MUST Avoid This Summer

When summer rolls around, every proud gardener likes to turn the neighbor’s heads with a lusciously verdant lawn. Whatever arboreal bells and whistles your garden boasts, a great lawn is the most crucial part of a beautiful garden. Take it away and everything else, however beautiful and perfectly maintained, falls apart. Image by Pexels While we all want to wow friends, visitors and passers-by with our lawn, some of us make pretty grievous mistakes in their over-zealousness; mistakes that can be difficult, costly and time consuming to rectify. Don’t be one of them! Check out this lawn care guide and be wary of these 5 common mistakes and this summer your lawn will be the emerald colored crown jewel in your garden. Planting without testing…
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Saving Time: How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

Contributed Post Most people would agree that spending weeks working in their gardens is not a good use of time. However, it’s something plenty of homeowners do every single year. If you want the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space this year, you should consider the tips on this page. The advice below is designed to help you create a low-maintenance garden that won’t require constant upkeep. That means you can spend more time outside enjoying the weather rather than working. Of course, there are lots of additional techniques you could use. I just wanted to point you in the right direction with this post. Image   Lay an artificial lawn   You want to keep your lawn because it provides a comfortable area in…
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