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Dream House, Dud Garden: Fixing Up Your New Yard

When you’re looking for your dream home, you sometimes have to make compromises. You need to accept that you might have to make some changes to a property to get it looking exactly as you want it. One of the compromises you might decide to make is that the building is more important than any surrounding land. If there’s an existing yard or garden, you can take the attitude that you can change it later, even if you hate it. So if you find your dream house and move in, it could mean that suddenly you have an awful garden on your hands. So what do you do about it? Photo source link Assess What You’ve Got Start by taking a good look at what…
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Green Wonder – Let Your Garden Sell Your Home for You!

Contributed Post It’s so important to think about how vital your garden is to the property as a whole. Forget the kitchen! When you’re trying to sell your home, the garden is the pride and joy. This can often be the area that swings it for people. So, it’s really important that you focus on making your outside space as amazing for as you possibly can. Picture Functionality A good garden is a functional garden. This is one of the things you need to remember as a homeowner. Having a garden that is poorly designed and utilised is not going to attract people to the property. Buyers look for functionality in a garden, and this is what yours needs to convey. You have to show…
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