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Non-Negotiable: Top 5 Qualities Employers Want In The Office

This image is from Navair Changing career or finding a new job is never easy. After dozens of applications, you may only get one or two callbacks. And, the pressure on making an excellent first impression is huge. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the tension and make the process easier. All you have to do is show an employer you have a selection of the following. Knowledge Knowledge seems like a prerequisite for any position, but you’d be surprised. Thanks to the college culture, lots of applicants are book smart yet lack common sense. This is a massive problem for employers that need people who can think on their feet. Hence, the search for intelligence is one they take seriously. The trick is to…
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Some Of The Most Undervalued Jobs In The World

Photo sourced from The Blue Diamond Gallery A large percentage of people in employment are not content with their job. In America for example, 30% of workers view their current work as a ´job to get them by´ and 47% of employees state that they do not identify with their current job, according to statistics carried out in the US. With so many individuals struggling to enjoy their job, it comes as no surprise that those who do find a career they value, are considered to be very fortunate. One measure of satisfaction is the experience of getting a sense of identity from a job. Interestingly, 62% of adults working in the healthcare industry and 70% of those working in education claim to get a…
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Writers, don’t get suckered into working for free

Writers want to be read. That is why you write. You write to express yourself or to earn a living, yes — for me writing is as much a job as it is a joy — but it begins with a desire to say, “Look at this. These are my words.” That’s why it’s very easy for aspiring writers to get suckered into doing free work they should be getting paid for, or worse yet, for established writers to get tricked into doing the same. In the world of freelance writing especially, there are plenty of people out there ready and willing to prey on your eagerness, naivety, or desperation to get some writing work. Here’s one trick I see a lot when prowling freelance…
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