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Emergency Rooms Report Spike In Trampoline Park Injuries

Contributed Post Trampoline parks are the latest entertainment craze to sweep the nation but recent reports from emergency rooms around the country reveal a darker side to these popular attractions. Source Since they first started to gain popularity in 2011, the number of trampoline parks around the country has jumped from 40 to somewhere around 280 by 2014. An estimated 6 new parks open every single month and there are now roughly 450 in the country. The parks, filled with trampolines and obstacle courses are hugely popular with adults and children across Europe as well as in America, but a big problem has started to make itself known recently. Emergency departments around the country have reported a huge surge in trampoline related injuries that coincide…
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Are You At Risk? The Grave Side Of Gardening

Contributed Post Free Great Picture Image Gardening is favorite hobby for a vast majority of people. It has health benefits galore, and is a sure way to keep yourself in touch with nature. Plus, it’s a good excuse to spend some much needed time outside. But, there is a darker side to gardening, and it’s one we don’t hear enough about. While the health benefits are undeniable, it’s time we educated ourselves about the risks. Gardening is a strenuous activity and involves dangerous equipment to boot. As such, us green fingered folk are at risk of many an injury. Some of the most common gardening injuries include: Back problems Shoulder injuries Allergic reactions Cuts and scrapes This list is by no means extensive, but it…
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