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I am a terrible singer…

… but will soon be doing it anyway. I mentioned previously that when my PC died my music ground to a halt with it. I kind of need to do music, though. It’s a creative outlet I can’t do without, especially since writing is as much work as it is fun. New PC is now up and running … and that means a new X-Sweet album is coming at some point in the near future. This time, though, I’m taking my time. I have a habit of rushing through this stuff, settling for good enough, and tossing it out the door before it’s ready. Too impatient; lack any drive to be a perfectionist with this stuff. This time I hope to sit on these tunes,…
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Back to writing new music

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, what with being busy as hell on writing projects and all, but in early January my desktop PC keeled over in a flaming ball of computer death, shards of shrapnel flying around the living room like a Tom Hanks/Stephen Spielberg production. This was unfortunate for many reasons, one of the biggest (for me) being that I was right in the middle of a major music project. My first X-Sweet record in three years, specifically, and hopefully the best I’ve done so far. I’ve been writing a lot of music lately. Not the sprawling guitar soundscapes I love to do, but traditional songs with, like, singing and stuff. And I’d like to keep doing it. But I don’t record…
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The first music I ever “released” — it’s back!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since I first did this little tape. It was the summer of 1994. I had just gotten my trust TASCAM Porta 7, a four-track tape recorder that allowed talented people record demos and such, and allowed people like me to ruin the definition of “music.” Which is exactly what I did for the last few months of 1994, the time period from which this “music” springs*. I “sampled” (read: stole) chunks of music from elsewhere, slowed it down or played it backwards, laid other stuff on top of it, and generally just played around with things. Also recorded some noisy nonsense. And so on. Then, I made tapes. Remember cassingles? I grabbed every last one I owned,…
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Eric does soundtrack music for Weird Tales

Late last year, Stephen Segal, Editorial & creative director at the legendary Weird Tales, asked me to contribute some soundtrack music for a series of brief promotional videos he had in the works. The second of those videos (and first featuring my music) is now online. Check it out: The track is called “Blasphemous Horrors”. If you found those creepy sounds interesting, you can surf right over here and download all 13 one-minute compositions I did for Weird Tales. I think you’ll find them jarring, disturbing, and just this side of cool.

New album of guitar noise

If you don’t check out my music archive blog, you may have missed the latest release from my m2 project, which focuses on ambient guitar soundscapes and walls of sound. Unlike the much softer and more somber Six Stories, released earlier this year, this new one is very raw and ugly. Check it out: m2 Ashes 1) Choking on Ashes (7:18) 2) Sleep Paralysis (8:48) 3) Dry Story (7:11) 4) Are His Defenses Going To Hold Up? (3:28) 5) Climbing Mountains and Falling Short (16:16) All songs (c) Eric San Juan 2009. Free to distribute, just ask. More information on this release here.