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These are the 5 Best Christmas Songs. Deal with it

Look, if we’re honest with ourselves, Christmas songs kind of suck. “White Christmas” is an exception because it has one of the greatest melodies ever written — that’s an objective FACT — but otherwise?Christmas music is awful, awful, awful. There are exceptions, though, and I’ve identified the five best, because I am awesome. Not as awesome as these Christmas songs, but it’s pretty damn close. 6) U2 – Christmas, (Baby Please Come Home) Hah! You thought this list was going to be “edgy,” right? This one throws that assumption right out the window (though admittedly, it’s a red herring).. Sure, it’s the most traditional one here, but whatevs, yo! Bono’s grating earnestness is PERFECT here. Their rendition is joyous and fun and wholesome, yet has…
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