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REVIEW: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Technically, I wrote this review 10 years ago for a site called DVDinmyPants.com. That site is long gone, though (you can only find it on the Wayback Machine), and since this is the greatest review in the history of film reviews (and also because of Star Wars mania right now), I’m reposting it here. It’s purposely over the top, but also completely  sincere: The Empire Strikes Back Let’s cut right to the chase: I fall into the camp that declares The Empire Strikes Back the best of the Star Wars films. Which means I also fall into the camp of people who actually have an opinion regarding what the best Star Wars film is. Which means some of you are probably surfing off to another page…
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George Lucas is the Internet’s most undeserving punching bag

A movie comes out today, a small little thing that may have slipped past your notice. A few people might go and see it. The release of the first new Star Wars movie in many years makes today something of a geek holiday, but amid all the glee and celebrating the movie is going to be something else. Something far less positive: incessant bitching about what an awful person George Lucas is. Because on the Internet, no mention of Star Wars is complete without also mentioning how George Lucas, the man who created Star Wars, ruined everything you hold dear by being the worst person in the world. I’d say that has gotten old, but it got old years ago. Instead, I’ll say that it’s…
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The 5 Most Powerful Geeks of All Time

Let’s jump back a few years. Shortly after the release of Geek Wisdom, a book I was honored to contribute to, I was contacted by Men’s Health magazine to write a piece about the most powerful geeks of all time. It sounded like a fun assignment. I wrote the piece. It was supposedly filled with “awesome stuff” and “everyone at the office [loved]” it, according to the editor who contacted me. But they never used it, and I never heard from that editor again. Rather than let it languish on a memory stick, I figured I’d yank it from the archives and post it here. So here you go: The 5 Most Powerful Geeks of All Time Geeks. Hear the word and the usual stereotypes spring to…
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X-Men: Days of Future Past is super great

This is. The last one, and my marathon is over. Happily, we’re ending with a good ‘en: X-Men: Days of Future Past What do you get when you mix a nonsensical script, high school level acting, dodgy made-for-TV special effects, and a ridiculously sluggish, sleep-inducing pace? Not Days of Future Past, which is neck and neck with X2 as the best of the seven-film X saga. I mean, what DOESN’T this thing get right? It opens with a bang, showcasing a grim dystopian future and wickedly creative use of mutie powers, plus gruesome mutie death. Logan is quickly sent back in time and the plot is instantly surging along. Unlike flicks like X-Men, Origins and The Wolverine, Days of Future Past knows where it’s going…
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Win a FREE signed copy of GEEK WISDOM!

Geek Wisdom

Here’s a super easy way to win a signed copy of Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture (Quirk Books 2011), a book the Florida Times Union said had a premise that was “nothing short of brilliant.” This book has been a huge hit among fans of all things science-fiction, comic book, fantasy, and just plain cool. So obviously you want to win one. And it’s easy. Do nothing more than surf over to Your Awesome Editor on Facebook and click “like” in the upper right to like the page. That’s it. It’s that easy. If you are not on Facebook and don’t want to be, instead share this link on Twitter and post a link in the comments of this post (and let…
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