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Hey writers, watch out for SCAMS

Fellow freelancers, keep your eyes peeled for seemingly legitimate offers by articlebat.org, an outfit which is NOT affiliated with articlebat.com. The way it works is simple: Likely drawn from your resume being posted to various job sites (though you may also get them at random), you get an email offering steady writing work. It may look something like this: Job- copywriting Salary – $600 a week Duties – if you have knowledge and ambitions for writing articles on different topics you are just what the doctor ordered and you are welcome to our writers team. -Previous experience would be great but not a must. -If you have a broad outlook dont hesitate and give it a try. -We need articles of high quality and deadlines are to be followed. To launch…
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Starting NOW, I will be putting my 13 years experience as an editor and writer to work with Your Awesome Editor, an independent editorial service that runs the gamut from proofreading to consultation to full-service assistance with self-publishing. I’ll be specializing in helping people who want to self-publish their own work, but will also be working with aspiring authors who want to break into the world of traditional publishing, too. That includes helping perfect their manuscripts, assistance with query letters and proposals, and more. Surf on over and take a look. You can also find us on Facebook (please throw us a “like”). Referrals are welcome and encouraged! If you have a friend or family member who could use the services of a professional editor, send them my way … and…
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Complaining about things I shouldn’t complain about, aka Writing can be boring

Leaning forward with a glass of bourbon and ice next to me, hair frazzled. A human drama plays itself out in the background, all loud voices and chaos, but I can’t pay attention because I’m under the spell of inspiration, and as those words hit the page each sparkles like a shiny gold coin. Each sentence is a hundred dollar bill constructed with the power of my words. The keyboard is on fire with the rush of my work. It’s invigorating. Nah. The above scene is bullshit. Writing for pay is not always interesting. In fact, sometimes it’s downright boring. Hell, it usually is. I can still remember a time when that thought would have seemed preposterous. Get paid to write? Like, money and stuff?…
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