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Win a FREE signed copy of GEEK WISDOM!

Geek Wisdom

Here’s a super easy way to win a signed copy of Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture (Quirk Books 2011), a book the Florida Times Union said had a premise that was “nothing short of brilliant.” This book has been a huge hit among fans of all things science-fiction, comic book, fantasy, and just plain cool. So obviously you want to win one. And it’s easy. Do nothing more than surf over to Your Awesome Editor on Facebook and click “like” in the upper right to like the page. That’s it. It’s that easy. If you are not on Facebook and don’t want to be, instead share this link on Twitter and post a link in the comments of this post (and let…
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Starting NOW, I will be putting my 13 years experience as an editor and writer to work with Your Awesome Editor, an independent editorial service that runs the gamut from proofreading to consultation to full-service assistance with self-publishing. I’ll be specializing in helping people who want to self-publish their own work, but will also be working with aspiring authors who want to break into the world of traditional publishing, too. That includes helping perfect their manuscripts, assistance with query letters and proposals, and more. Surf on over and take a look. You can also find us on Facebook (please throw us a “like”). Referrals are welcome and encouraged! If you have a friend or family member who could use the services of a professional editor, send them my way … and…
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On writing: when hatchet jobs are a good thing

I’ve mentioned before that good editors will almost always improve your work. Writers (myself included) are often too close to their own work to be completely objective about it. It’s difficult to get outside your own head and read your work the way a reader would — and that’s a vital part of the polishing process. After all, if you’re not writing with readers in mind, you may well be writing crap. Another blogger recently made an excellent post about working with editors, specifically newspaper editors. That’s what I happen to be Monday through Friday, so I was especially delighted to see that this guy got it. He stood there, reading the draft, occasionally eying me over the top of the page, then pulled out…
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Thank god for editors

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Editors are the best. I don’t say that because I am one (though I am), I say that because editors exist to make your work better — and if you write, don’t you want your work to be better? Too many aspiring writers resist the idea of letting someone else touch their words. It’s tampering; it’s an insult; the words are pure and perfect and blah blah farking blah. No. If you write, nine times out of ten a good editor will make your work better. You don’t need a pat on the back from friends and family. You don’t need blind praise. You don’t need relentless criticism. You need someone to massage your work; to bring out the good; suppress the bad; and just…
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Do not pester the editor!

As some of you may know, I am an editor in my day job. That means I get plenty of letters, emails, faxes and calls from people who want to see their stuff in print. Press releases from marketing firms, mostly (I work in local newspapers), but other items, too. Let me share with you my least favorite call in the world: “I’m calling to confirm that you got my email?” Do not do this. I could go on a bitter tirade about why it’s irritating and why it’s unnecessary and why it defeats half the purpose of email, but I’m not feeling curmudgeonly today. Or at least, only mildly so. I don’t feel like ranting. So instead I will simply say: Do not do…
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