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4 Things You Don’t Get As A Freelancer That I Actually Miss

Contributed Post Before we get into this, let me be honest. I love being a freelancer and, if I were asked, I probably would recommend it as a potential career choice. It gives you a lot of freedom to live your life how you want to. Rather than your life revolving around work, your job simply becomes a side note on the page. It’s still important and explains a lot about who you are. But it doesn’t define who you are. You’ll be able to choose how often you work and to an extent, how much money you make. Still, there are a lot of things that I miss out on being a freelancer. Big and little things that other people have and I…don’t. You…
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Married Vs. Single Life: What’s Better For Your Health?

Contributed Post People have long joked that the married life is a stress-filled one. Constant arguments, the obligation to compromise, and many more factors are a reason for this. However, we all know plenty of couples who simply couldn’t spend a day apart from each other. So, I was interested to find out the answer to an important question. What is the better option? The results are pretty interesting. This article from CNN talks about a variety of reasons why single life might be better than marriage. For one, sleeping alone allows singletons to get a better night’s sleep. There’s no fighting over the covers, of course! Also, those who are married tend to put less work into their appearance, if this is to be…
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Has The Concept Of Borrowing Money Changed?

Contributed Post It’s not something we necessarily like to admit, but money dictates everything in our world. Whether you are in a financially stable position or not doesn’t matter. We can all appreciate the value of money. The harsh reality of modern life is that many of us will need to borrow cash at some stage or another. This could be due to a change of circumstances. Or maybe you have a job, like being an author, that offers staggered and fluctuating payments. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with requiring a helping hand from time to time. However, it’s important to understand the economic climate at any given time. In answer to the title question: yes, the goalposts have been shifted. Here’s all you need…
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