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Got it covered

So, Pitched! 2, right? Here is a not-yet-final mock up of the cover. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s fairly close to what the final cover will look like. This cover also contains information for those with discerning eyes; information that may assist in your excitement levels, or at the very least your knowledge of who is in the what and such like. I promise to post some fully lettered pages over the next two weeks so you can see nice words alongside the shiny pictures. Unfortunately, I can’t predict when Pitched! 2 will be available for purchase. We’re switching printers and I don’t yet know how quickly the new printer turns things around. It’s close to certain that it will be available…
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Ian hints at the creative process

A few days back I teased an image by artist and photographer Ian Sokoliwski. It’s a great image, created as part of a text and visual narrative we’re developing. He recently said of the project: Combining these photos with an actual narrative got me thinking in a different way, and I really like the results. You can check out Ian’s comments on his blog.

FIRST GLIMPSE! Next self-published comic is in progress

Last month I announced that work on the second volume of my self-published comic anthologies was underway. I’m happy to bring you a bit of a tease: the opening page of a story done with Rick Lundeen called Voice of the Universe. We’re quite proud of it. Take a look: Click image for full-sized As with the first volume, I’ll be penning a diverse collection of stories in multiple genres and multiple styles, all of them brought to life by a talented array of artists. Some artists from the first will be returning, and a number of new names will also be taking part. It will be very exciting to bring this all together again and I look forward to previewing more stuff in the…
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Comic anthology Vol. 2 is underway

Pitched Vol 1

So you might remember that I wrote a comic anthology, which I self-published last year and which you can buy here (hint, hint). Well, I’m pleased to say that work is progressing on a second anthology of comic stories, some with new artists and some with folks you saw in the first volume. The stories will be all-new (save for one that will include some familiar faces), and will once again span multiple genres. We’ll have Buck Rogers-influenced space opera, Gothic horror in the spirit of classic EC Comics, a Lovecraftian morality play, and a crime story, among others. I am looking for at least one more artist, though, someone who can do a smooth cartoony style for a tongue-in-cheek Frank Miller pastiche. Someone who…
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Writing Collaborations

Collaborating with another person is a funny, sometimes touchy thing. It can be a minefield. It can be enjoyable and easy. It can be a great experience. It can be a chore. It can make you a better writer and it can make you wish you never agreed to the project in the first place. I’ve worked with many people over the years, most recently on A Year of Hitchcock and Pitched!, and every experience differs wildly from the last. Writer Alan Moore said of collaborations: Collaborations all have a different nature, they all work in different ways, because any two individuals are gonna have a different chemistry between them. You have to be sensitive to the person that you’re working with and they have…
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