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10 things you could do with those Powerball winnings

The Powerball lottery is up to like $43.74 or something like that, a huge amount of money that is sure to ruin the life of anyone who wins it. Whoever wins is probably going to be dead within 10 years, absolutely miserable, will have their entire family ruined, and will raise another generation or two of entitled assholes. I bought five tickets. But this isn’t about me, it’s about YOU. It’s about the amazing things you can do if you win. Here are 10 great ideas: 1) You could buy every single kitten in the pet shop and give them to children in need or put them in the garbage disposal one by one. 2) You could set up a grant at your old elementary school that rewards…
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Having an appointment with writing (also, cats at keyboards)

I like deadlines. No, scratch that. I need deadlines. I thrive on them. I require them. Without them, I’m left to rely on discipline and good habits to keep myself focused on doing what I should be doing. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a shortage of both. That’s why, whenever possible, I prefer for my writing projects to have a deadline attached. When it comes to professional work, that’s usually a given. Your client is going to want their content by a certain time, after all. As I write this post, for instance, I’m also tossing around ideas for my Sunday evening appointment with writing. See, for the last two years I have written a weekly beer column for the Philadelphia Weekly….
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By now, Tard the Grumpy cat is Internet famous. When I first posted her to a friend’s Facebook page a few weeks back, knowing this friend would ADORE the amazingly expressive face on this feline, she was still just an out-of-the-blue cat picture I saw that reminded me of my cat loving friend. Now, though, Tard — and that is her name — is a full-blown Internet meme with scores and scores of pictures gracing her grumpy face. Don’t just take my word for it. Google her. She’s HUGE. Liking her is liking Rebecca Black’s “Friday” now. Hell, even referencing “Friday” dates me to the Internet’s dark ages now, given how fast trends come and go here. It’s okay, though, Tard. I won’t turn my…
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