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Breaking Bad’s 10 Greatest Moments

The following is taken from Breaking Down Breaking Bad, available in paperback and for Kindle. The idea of selecting the greatest moments of a show filled with memorable moments is, admittedly, like asking to be slapped around for how absent-minded you are. Such a list can only ever spark a flurry of “how could you forget Moment X?” comments from readers. Still, it’s worth revisiting these scenes not only because it’s fun to roll a mental highlight reel, but because many of them distill the essence of Breaking Bad down to a few memorable minutes. Yes, there are some that were painful to leave off the list – Gale’s murder and Hank’s shootout with the Cousins spring immediately to mind – but you have to cut things off somewhere. Taken as a whole,…
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Mad Men’s Jon Hamm may finally get his due

Since 2007, Jon Hamm had been putting on an acting clinic with his subdued, measured performance as Don Draper, the dashing ad man with a past he can’t run away from. The Mad Men actor drew raves and a slew of award nominations, including eight straight nominations for the Best Actor in a Drama Series Emmy (including this year’s nod). Unfortunately for Hamm, he ran into a wall called Bryan Cranston. See, while Hamm was busy being awesome, Cranston was out there being just as awesome. Cranston won Best Actor four out of the first seven years Hamm was nominated, with Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Damian Lewis (Homeland), and Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) slipping in the other years. With Cranston stealing the show year…
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Breaking Bad, my new must-watch TV

It hasn’t been easy finding a new must-watch show. The Walking Dead didn’t do it for me, Lost reached its finale (I posted several times about this show), and the excellent Game of Thrones aside, HBO’s awesome television shows, well, haven’t been as awesome of late as they’ve been historically. Even two series I hotly anticipated, The Pacific and Boardwalk Empire, were very good but did not make me feel compelled to watch every night in a marathon of viewing. (I tend to watch one show at a time, an episode a night, in a long marathon. I love TV that way.) That’s why I’m glad I discovered Breaking Bad. Because hot damn is this show good. If you’re not familiar with Breaking Bad, it…
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