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Finally finishing a music project feels great!

It feels like forever since I finished a music project. That’s because it’s been since pre-pandemic since I finished anything, and pandemic time has been an eternity. I do music because it gets something out of my system. If I go too long without creating some sounds, I get antsy. So I’m glad to have finally finished something. Granted, all of this material was recorded pre-Covid. It just took me that long to put it all together — not because it was difficult, but because my head just wasn’t in it. Such has been Covid life. But it’s finished, and I’m happy with it. These are guitar soundscapes and ambient drones, meant for the background or, if you just want to clear your head, for…
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NEW MUSIC by ERIC: Second Slumber, Beyond the Pale Blue Dot, an experiment in blending drones and drums

Sometimes I record drones. Sometimes I record songs. Sometimes I experiment with simple electronic compositions. So what if I blended it all together? That’s what I had in mind here. I wanted to capture the full band jam aspect of Slumbersigh and the drifting, moving, evolving drones of m2 with traditional backing instruments, enhanced with minor electronic stuff. Basically, I jammed with myself. (Dirty!) After a bunch of messing with the idea, some of which I’ll upload later this year, an unofficial journey with Carl Sagan developed. It is Beyond the Pale Blue Dot. This is the first track: The whole thing is four pieces of semi-structured drone, finishing with a piece unofficially co-created with Vangelis, along with Carl Sagan. There is a BONUS TRACK…
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