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The 4 Rules & Tools To Maintain A Pool

Contributed Post Photo credit: pixabay The fact that you have a pool in your backyard is not only glamorous but necessary. Now that it is the summertime, the mercury is going to rise and the cool water will be a Godsend. However, no one wants to take a dip in a dirty pool. Unfortunately, a swimming pool will get polluted from time to time, especially if it is outside. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep it clean so that you can enjoy the benefits. Whether you clean it by hand or use an Aquabot X4 to do the job for you, the important thing is that your pool is getting cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The good news is that you don’t need to look…
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Cool Ways To Light A Garden Party

It’s summer; it’s hot and what better way to celebrate than with a garden party? It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; a garden party is always a great idea. The issue with a garden party though is what happens after dark? Make sure you’re covered with the following suggestions for cool ways to light your garden party. Photo: Pexels Fairy lights Fairy lights can create a trendy ambience that looks like something straight out of a Pinterest photo. It doesn’t take much effort (or money) to create something that looks amazing; a few carefully hung lights will work wonders. Fairy lights can be battery operated too so if you’re concerned about additional electricity costs from lighting your garden, you won’t have to worry. You…
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20 Elegant Small Pool Designs for Small Backyard

Do you know you can still install a small swimming pool at that small backyard of yours? You don’t need to have a large space to enjoy and have. A small space can make you happy. With the various spool design available you can choose anyone and enjoy your life to the fullest. A small swimming pool surrounded by greenery. The grass that hit its edge makes it look so amazing. At one side are two lounge chairs and a fire pit. The flooring it offers makes a perfect match with the tiles of the pool. Pic resource: http://www.decoist.com/2015-04-10/small-pool-ideas/ 2. A skinny and rectangular shape small pool. The white color fence and two lounge chairs complement one another. The trees and grass in the surrounding…
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