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Love Books? Build Your Own Little Library

Contributed Post Libraries are a staple of life. We used them during elementary school days, having lessons inside them with interactive elements. We used them during high school, to try and get our heads down for studying away from distracting things like having a social life. We used them for the same reasons during the college days, and we might have even felt like we lived in one. And as adults, we go back to them for a sense of nostalgia, and to borrow a book we don’t feel like buying every now and then. But it still feels like the need for a library is in decline, and more and more of them around the globe are being shut up because of people’s immediate…
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How Ursula K. Le Guin helped inspire me to see people in a different way

As I write this, the news is breaking that Ursula Le Guin, one of the 20th Century’s great novelists, has passed away at 88. She was a giant, known for her work in science fiction yet crafting works that transcended the genre. Whenever I’ve thought of the authors who have inspired me, awed me, impressed me, humbled me, shaped my tastes, molded my views, and made me see the power of the genre, she was always on the short list. It wasn’t the awards that made Le Guin great, though she got gobs of them. It wasn’t even that her stories were entertaining, though they were. It’s that she reinterpreted the world, showing us both how it truly is (even when we didn’t acknowledge it)…
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