Step by step, it comes together

I think I’m close to ready to begin pitching my next book. This one is a middle grade adventure novel in the spirit of Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles. You might remember them from when you were a kid.

Earlier this week I finished the umpteenth or so draft of my query letter (I talk more about queries here), and last night I think I nailed down a pretty solid synopsis. They’re both essential ingredients in getting the attention of an agent. Nailing them is vital.

Of course, the best query in the world doesn’t mean squat if your book has glaring flaws. That means I have to give the first three chapters one last pass to ensure I’m not missing something that will trip up my chances. In fact, I know I’m missing some stuff, so that’s pretty high on the priority list. Really the whole thing probably needs one last coat of polish, anyway. Better to do those revisions now rather than later, in case an agent requests a copy of the full manuscript. You don’t want to rush through revisions. Give ’em a polish product the first time, and do so promptly.

This is the fourth manuscript I’ve finished. One, a non-fiction work co-authored with Jim McDevitt, is out now. Another, a book on the history of Lakehurst and the surrounding area, is in the pitching stage. The fourth, my attempt at an epic fantasy and the first manuscript I finished, is sitting in a drawer rotting. This is for the good of the entire world, as it’s terrible in almost every possible way.

I finished this most recent manuscript last summer, but other work has prevented me from focusing on getting it out the door. I’d like to have that accomplished in the immediate future, because there are a few other in-progress novels that keep pestering me, asking, “Come on Eric, get on with us already!”

Believe me, guys, I’d love to. One project at a time. Well, two or three at a time, really. But I’m already AT two or three at once as it is. Hold your horses!

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