Speak & Spells, Scratch & Sniffs, and another foray onto Youtube with Hours in the Attic

Part of the fun of doing Hours in the Attic with Nerd Out With Me‘s Tig Carson is that you get to play with the goofy old shit you played with as a kid. And part of that fun is realizing just how damn lame that stuff really was.

The Speak & Spell, for instance:

Why was this a thing? I have no idea, as is clear from our all-too-brief video on the topic.

Poor Tig. I’m sure he thought we were going to squeeze a lot more out of it than that, too.

On the other hand, we had a lot more fun scratching 30-year-old scratch n’ sniff stickers and being reminded of grandpa smells. For real:

Smelling old stickers.

This is my life.

How did this happen?