Soon. New Eric music. Very soon.

When recording music, self-indulgence is a huge sin — and one I commit time and again. Can’t help it. It’s not like it’s musician wank. I’m not anywhere CLOSE to a good enough musician for that. It’s sound wank. Noise, big sound, layered drones, guitar feedback. Stuff no one wants to hear.

But I like to hear it, so I do it.

So anyway, I’m recording a new X-Sweet album, right? And X-Sweet tends to be my more traditional musical project, what with me singing reg’lar ol’ songs and all that. I’m not claiming it’s good, as you can see for yourself, I’m just saying it exists. I like doing honest to goodness songs, but I’m objective enough to admit my guitar soundscapes are far better conceived (though not for everyone) and are better at what they aspire to do — even if only because my limited skills can accomplish the one and not necessarily the other.

Yet here I am, trying to merge the two.

That’s been my goal on the almost-completed-new-album. To merge that dense sonic assault with actual songs and singing and stuff. I think I may have gotten close. I feel like I may have recorded some stuff that is close to what I hear in my head. Wrote and recorded about 18 songs, narrowed the final tracklist down to nine that I didn’t hate, now I’m just making tweaks to the final mixes and making sure all is well.

So in the next few days, I’ll probably start uploading some tracks. Maybe even the whole damn thing, assuming I can get the album cover done. As I type this, I have a very busy week ahead of me. I have to edit another one of those goddamn podcasts, finish some scripting on Pitched 2, create a web page for the same, and a host of other crap.

But soon. Very soon. Music.

Please do listen.

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