Some new ambient music for your listening pleasure

I like recording music. I also like recording layered guitar soundscapes, relaxing washes of sound, ambient drones, and blistering walls of noise created with my guitar. I record these for my own pleasure. I also like putting them online for those interested in zoning out to music like this. I often post them to my other blog, Tones, Drones & Moans, and also to the music page on my website.

The latest is “Falling Back Into It,” a double album of meandering guitar soundscapes recorded in fits and starts over the last two years. You can download it track-by-track below. Enjoy.



Falling Back Into It


1) Projection (1:44)
2) Unbroken Sac (7:03)
3) The Day of the Tears (12:23)
4) They Forget The Tab At The Way To The Station (5:25)
5) Summer Day Cools To Grey (4:22)
6) Pangaea (15:04)

All songs (c) Eric San Juan 2012.