SAD? Beat It With These Informative Instructions

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Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression which is believed to affect 4 out of 6 people. As a percentage, it’s 66% or two-thirds of the population. Wow – those are pretty shocking numbers. Yet, a majority of the country put up with the seasonal disorder every year without fighting back. Now that the winter is well and truly here, the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness are only going to intensify with less sunlight. If you are someone who is SAD but wants to be HAPPY, you should know it is possible. Here are the instructions to keep in mind this winter.

Avoid Daylight Savings

Every state barring Hawaii and Arizona observe daylight savings time to help farmers. There is a myth that increased sunlight in the summer is a massive help to depression sufferers. The reason it’s not true is due to the changes the body goes through every year. Like all other health problems, the brain is at its best when it can maintain a steady balance for as long as possible. One petition to end daylight saving time believes studies have found a link between depression and moving the clocks. So, the countries where the process doesn’t exist, such as Nepal, are perfect spots for a winter break.

Try A New Hobby

The brain is a wonderful thing, but when it has too much time it can overstretch. What that means is that your mind can intensify certain feelings when you are relaxing. The boredom forces you think about feelings and emotions, and that leads to depression spiraling out of control. The key is to stay busy so that you don’t have to think, and that is where exercise comes in handy. Many medical experts also say working out for 30 mins a day helps keep an even keel as it releases endorphins. The chemicals impact your mood and uplift your spirits to prevent depression getting you down.

Use A Lightbox

Darkness is gloomy and gets people down. The obvious answer is to find more light yet that isn’t easy. Once the sun goes down, what are you supposed to do? The answer is sitting in front of a lightbox. The device is a legitimate way to mimic sunrise and expose the body to “natural” UV radiation. Because it’s ten times more powerful than artificial light, it acts as a form of light therapy in the winter.

Join A Group

In the past, SAD was a disease which people poked fun at because it seemed fake. Now, studies suggest that over 1.6 billion sufferers worldwide have the condition. It’s vital to know that you are not alone and there are others who are going through the same thing. However, reading it on the internet and speaking face to face are two different concepts. While reading is revealing, speaking is therapeutic as you get to share your thoughts and feelings. Plus, there might be valuable information on how to deal with the disorder.

Are the tips above helpful? Hopefully, they will help you beat the winter blues.