The really BORING part of having a book published

Counting down the weeks to the released of the book I co-authored with Jim McDevitt, A Year of Hitchcock, you’d think I’d be giddy with excitement. I mean, it’s just three weeks or so away, right? Any day now I might get my comp copy in the mail. How exciting!

But the truth is, as I mention in How I Got Published, your obligation to your work does not end when the writing is over.

When not working on other projects (such as my comic anthology), I’ve spent the better part of my personal working time the last week or so drafting and mailing letters to local libraries and book stores, calling to get the proper contact information, working on press releases, and other painfully dull work intended to maybe possibly hopefully ensure the book is in local bookstores and libraries.

Yes, that’s as boring as it sounds.

In between that I’ve been prepping episodes for our upcoming podcast, which will be available at the book’s official website and, if I do things properly, via iTunes, Podcast Pickle and others.

All while holding down a full-time job, spending time with the family, maintaining these blogs, and trying to get other projects off the ground. (For instance, I finished writing a young adult fantasy novel last summer and STILL haven’t had a chance to start pitching agents.)

But I’ll always have Paris.

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