Read this Guide Before Joining the Art Industry

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If you are considering a career in the art industry, this guide is for you. It talks about what an artist does and why it’s essential to get started on your portfolio early. By reading this piece, you will be able to decide whether becoming an artist is your calling or not. 


Have a Mentor to Inspire You 


As a new artist looking to break into the industry, you might be feeling lost. You may know what type of art you want to create, and how to get your work seen by people in power. You’re trying to find yourself as an artist and have no idea where or who can help guide you on this journey.

The good news is you don’t have to feel lost anymore. You can find a mentor that will help guide your journey in the art industry and advise how to succeed as an artist. Besides having someone who’s been there, done that, and has seen others discover their work, mentors are great because they are a support system. They will be there to help you get through tough times and celebrate the good ones with you.

A mentor can also give feedback on your work, give constructive criticism, and answer any questions you might have. If not, you may always read about their work and life to find inspiration. For instance, you can check out Lorelei Linklater to learn about her work and maybe identify a few of her strategies to implement

Listen to Constructive Criticism


It can be hard to know who you can trust in the art industry. There are many people out there that will tell you what they think is best for your career without taking into consideration your personal goals or needs as an artist. If someone tells you how to do something, ask yourself why they want it done this way and not another.

This is why you should always listen to constructive criticism, not just from someone in the industry. Friends who are artists or other creatives will have a lot of valuable insights because they know what it’s like to be an artist themselves. Those people may also have advice for handling difficult situations that come up with your artwork or career-building.

Learn to Sell Your Art 


If you are a struggling artist, there is nothing more frustrating than not making any money from your work. The first thing that you need to do is have a budget. This will help you decide how much money to spend on supplies and materials, as well as what kind of art supplies you are going to buy for your studio. 

The next thing would be to plan out precisely what kind of art you want to sell. There is no point in buying supplies if your artwork will never get sold because it isn’t the type people look for online, or they don’t have the space on their walls at home for your artwork.

With this guide, you are now well prepared to start your career as an artist. However, it’s important to remember that art is a lifelong journey, and no two artists will follow the same path or have the same opportunities. 

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