Preacher is coming to AMC, and I’m ecstatic

preacherPreacher, the darkly irreverent and hilariously blasphemous comic series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, is coming to AMC next year.

I couldn’t be happier.

AMC is on a ridiculous roll in recent years. They used to be focused on classic movies, then slowly started introducing original programming. In 2007, Mad Men debuted, and it marked the dawn of a new era. The channel would never be the same after that. (I wrote a book about Mad Men. You should check it out.)

For me, the big breakout show was Breaking Bad, a show that grabbed me good and never let go. I’ve watched it four or five times over at this point. The Walking Dead didn’t start out so great, but even that has turned into an excellent show. And that’s only three of them. They’ve got a number of other strong shows, too.

And now we’re getting Preacher?

For those who don’t know, Preacher is about a small town preacher who is accidentally given godlike power when he is possessed by the supernatural offspring of an angel and demon. He sets off on a journey to find God — like to actually, literally find him — and all sorts of sacrilegious hijinks ensue. If the show stays faithful to the comic, ardent Christians will likely be very offended.

The comic series was amazing, and if AMC’s recent track record is any indication, the show will be amazing, too.

It’s being produced by Seth Rogan and some other guy with a beard, and they like Preacher lots. From Deadline:

“We started reading the comic when it first came out in the ’90s,” said Rogen & Goldberg. “In many ways Garth’s sense of drama and comedy and Steve Dillon’s visual aesthetic helped form our style, and the idea that we are actually bringing Preacher to life is a dream come true. This is the craziest thing ever and we can’t wait to move forward and work our asses off to make it the best it can be.”

Sounds good. Whatever. Just bring it on!


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