Pitched Vol 2You’ve been waiting. And the wait is over. PITCHED 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE!

And even better, I’m proud to announce that all profits will go to the Hero Initiative!


via LULU
via INDYPLANET (Ka-Blam.com) (2016 update: no longer available here)
via COMICSMONKEY! (Ka-Blam.com) (2016 update: no longer available here)

(I recommend purchasing through IndyPlanet, but all of the folks above will treat you well.)


  1. lue lyron

    OH, awesome! I'm at nearly the perfect place to check it out, in my life.

  2. J.R. LeMar

    Just ordered via Lulu. I cross-checked with Indyplanet, both had the same base-price, but Lulu had cheaper shipping available. ^_^

  3. admin

    Excellent. Thanks for grabbing a copy, JR, and thanks for the heads up on shipping costs.

  4. J.R. LeMar

    And I just received an email telling me that my order has shipped today. Now that is what I call good customer service.

  5. J.R. LeMar

    And it just arrived this morning.

    Definately much better service than Comixpress.

    Expect a review on my blog next Monday (I've got about a dozen other books I've promised to review, so I'm going to post them all @ once).

  6. admin

    J.R., now THAT'S excellent service. Glad to hear it went well.

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