PITCHED 2: Happily Ever After

Here’s a neat one for you. “Happily Ever After” is a humorous swashbuckling tale first conceived as a short story, then plotted for the first Pitched! anthology, then dropped only to be resurrected for the upcoming second installment. The talented Trevor Giberson dove into the art and captured the tone of the story perfectly. Below is a preview page of his art. The awesome John Mietus, who lettered stories like “The Homecoming of Carlos Ruiz” in the first volume, will only add to the fun. This script has been a trip to write; I look forward to folks getting a chance to read it.

Click image for full-sized


  1. ToddH

    i am really happy to see your work, eric.


  2. admin

    I'm happy you're looking, Todd! Hope all is well with you.


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