Pictures, pictures, burning bright

I like photography. I don’t claim to be good at it, but once in a blue moon I enjoy tromping around outdoors and snapping pictures. It’s something I’d like to take seriously one of these days – I’d also like to dabble in film – but for now I’m content to do it a few times year just for fun.

I took this picture in Florida two years ago. I like it. It’s a good picture.

You can click here for a larger version. I had a really hi-res version laying around, used it as a wallpaper for a while, but I’m not sifting through folders to find it. No color manipulation needed. Mother Nature did all the work for me.

I took this next one at Cattus Island in Toms River, NJ. (Yes, I used the same photo for an album cover):

Click here for a super hi-res version.

Snapped this photo at the same place (but on a different day):

Slightly larger version here.

So yeah, one of these days I’m going to buy a rockin’ good camera and spend a month in the woods or something, just snapping pictures. Should be fun.