Philip Brailsford is a murderer

Philip Brailsford is a murderer.

He was acquitted today, let go by a jury of his peers, but make no mistake: Philip Brailsford is a murderer.

It’s on video. You can watch the footage of him gunning down a man in cold blood. If you’re interested in watching over four minutes of a man weeping, pleading for his life, struggling to obey a series of seeming nonsensical orders and then being shot at point blank range because he couldn’t crawl the way murderer Philip Brailsford wanted him to, you can do that.

It’s not an easy video to watch. The victim, Daniel Shaver, is in absolute fear for his life the entire time. And he should be. He’s told repeatedly that he’s going to be shot if he makes even the slightest mistake in the cops’ game of hokey pokey.

It’s apparent Shaver poses no threat. He’s terrified. He’s doing his best to obey every order, even if they don’t make sense. He’s got a man telling him he’s going to be shot dead if he messes up.

His fatal mistake was attempting to pull up his shorts while crawling across the floor.

Daniel Shaver with his wife and daughters. Philip Brailsford murdered him.

Police were there because they got a call that someone was waving a rifle out the hotel window. According to two people who were in the hotel room with him, though, that’s not true. He was merely standing near the window when he showed them the pellet gun he used in his job in pest control. No one was threatened. No gun was ever pointed at someone.

When Shaver entered the hallway and police confronted him, he was unarmed.

They then ran him through the ringer before murdering him.

Let’s not mistake the situation, either. Philip Brailsford was not merely attempting to control the situation. He arrived there hoping he was going to shoot someone. His trigger finger was itchy. He thought he was a tough guy. The jury of people who acquitted him were not allowed to hear that his rifle’s dust cover was etched with the words “You’re Fucked,” but it was. The judge said that would have been too prejudicial.

The truth is, it likely wouldn’t have mattered. The trial took place in Maricopa County, where raging bigot and overall despicable human being Sheriff Joe Arpaio reigned supreme for long years with the support of thousands of other despicable human beings. That jury also found Brailsford not guilty of reckless manslaughter. This defies logic, unless you live in a county that loves someone like Joe Arpaio.

In addition to being a murderer, Philip Brailsford was obviously a lousy cop in other ways. After committing this murder, he was fired for unrelated reasons. He wasn’t good at his job. Thankfully, only one person died for his failure instead of more.

Nate Gafvert, president of the Mesa Police Association, defended the shooting as lawful. Nate Gafvert defends murderers. He is also a despicable human being.

Philip Brailsford walked into that situation jacked up and eager for an excuse to kill. He found one. If he were a civilian who had acted in the same way, he would be on his way to a long prison sentence. He would deserve it, too.

That’s because Philip Brailsford is a murderer.

This is Philip Brailsford, the murderer.

This is Philip Brailsford. He is a murderer.

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