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Graphic novels, blogging, and me

I don’t know why, but I started a new blog. I’ll be reviewing graphic novels. I don’t know why. Because it seemed like something to do, I guess. As if I don’t have enough to do … And as if the world needs one more dope offering up his opinions into the great sea of opinions that is the Internet … Even worse, I’m thinking of doing two more, a blog devoted to talking about music, and another in which I’ll write serial fiction on the web. I am an idiot. Ahhh, well. What’s done is done.

I’m on Twitter

God help me. I don’t know why I did it, but I’m on Twitter. You can follow me here. While you’re there, take a look at JoelGunz, who runs this excellent Alfred Hitchcock blog. Lots of good stuff there. Also take a look at my ‘Fuge buddy Brian, an actor, screenwriter and the author of this insane book. He self-published it, and I predict it will get picked up and turned into a wacky movie before you’re 50. Unless you already are 50, in which case it will happen before you’re 60. And hey, while I’m at it, check out HDemchick, an excellent editor and writer (and a damn nice guy, too), Steve Horton, who writes independent comic books (publishers, give this guy a look),…
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The craziest DVD reviews I ever wrote pt. 1

So I spent a few years reviewing DVDs (in addition to a stint as Editor-in-Chief at Finally stepped down to pursue other things — insert a plug for A Year of Hitchcock here — but before I left I turned in some good reviews, some bad reviews, and some insane reviews. This blog post is about the insane reviews. Warning: Copious amounts of adult language follows. Keep in mind, most of the time I wrote serious reviews. I wanted to do a good job and be a Film Critic. (Note the important capital letters.) Hell, I co-wrote an entire 450-page book of serious film commentary and criticism! But as the site’s name will tell you, was not a serious place. It encouraged wild…
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Grappling with the business of writing

Writing isn’t just writing, it’s reading and knowing how to sell yourself and how to query or submit to a publisher and a million other things that aren’t the actual process of writing. Oh, first and foremost you’ve got to be able to string words together in an interesting way — it’s the most important thing, no question about that — but when you’re all done making with the wording what do you do with it? It’s easy to stagger around blindly at that stage. All this mess about query letters and proposals and cover letters markets — writers want to WRITE, they don’t want to bother with that stuff! But you HAVE to if you ever want it to be more than a hobby….
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It’s Super Plugtastic Link Day!

Some semi-random link stuff for Monday. Joe Valdez over at This Distracted Globe quoted me in his write-up of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. Thanks, Joe. The quote comes from my review of the Criterion Collection DVD release, which you can read here. Purchase the (awesome) DVD here. Over on the Bibliophile Stalker blog, there is a review/overview of the issue of Weird Tales in which my “commendable piece,” Whispers of the Old Hag, appeared. Thanks, Charles. The issue also has a listing at Locus Online. Speaking of listings, has listed A Year of Hitchcock with upcoming books on the History of Motion Pictures. Looks like we’re in some fine company. While we’re on A Year of Hitchcock, I found a good source for tracking…
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