Our nerdy nostalgia podcast has somehow reached 20 episodes

About a year ago, I had a terribly stupid idea that I pitched to a friend during a brief moment when I was out of my damn mind. It went something like this:


And that was it. I mean, not really. There was planning and this and that, setting up pages and feeds, yada frickin’ yada. All the boring behind the scenes stuff. But the gist of it all was, “Let’s do a podcast waxing nostalgic about the 1990s” … which was an odd idea for me, since I’m not a particularly nostalgic person. Look forward, says I. Behind is bullshit.

But it seemed like a fun idea for a podcast to add to the Youtube stuff we’d be doing together, so why not?

Somehow, we’ve made it to 20 episodes — 40, if you count the weekly bonus episodes we put out each week on Patreon, because yeah, I’m a glutton for punishment. This week, it’s wall-to-wall Super Nintendo, which came out in August 1991. Next week is a pretty awesome show about amazing music from September 1991, which was an astonishing month for music. Got some movies after that. And so on and so forth, until we reach December 1999 in episode 120.

We even have supporters on Patreon, which is pretty damn amazing (and to be honest, essential, because there are a lot of times when I’m ready to throw in the towel). Thanks to those folks, we’ll soon debut decent new mics so we sound better. Neat!

If you haven’t checked it out, you should. I ramble a lot. Rambling is fun.

Take a minute and subscribe. We’re on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Android, Google Play, and others. Plus you can get direct downloads and streams on our website.

You HAVE to. Otherwise, I’ve made a huge mistake

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